15 dic. 2015


An illustration where I live; a scene that I can see every night when I come back after job... #London #fox

30 abr. 2015


Hello!!! I know I've been a little disconnected from the media but adapt to a new country is not easy. Really sorry about it!!
Finally today I bring a small cheer !! Here are my first order in UK. Despite the short time available was something that I really enjoyed. I had really wanted to take my brushes again. I miss it!!

9 mar. 2015


In this case I would like to show you one of the design of my own card.
The ilustration is from one of my favourite serie; 
 Learned Vocabulary

8 feb. 2015


Hi world!! in this blog post I bring something different. 
But it seems important also to introduce this other part of me, dedicated to graphic design.
In this case here is to design a card and corporative identity for my fellow artist Beatriz Hernández and creator of Marmara. Hope you like it.